Street Fighter 5 beta kicks off July 23 on PS4; Characters and stage list revealed

Capcom has announced the PlayStation 4-exclusive beta for Street Fighter 5 is taking place later this month and have detailed what characters and stages players can fight across.


Capcom has announced the first beta for Street Fighter 5 will take place on July 23 and have revealed some details, such as what characters will be playable, stages, and more.

The Street Fighter 5 beta will allow all six currently revealed fighters to be available through its course. The beta will first roll out with four playable characters immediately, with Birdie and Cammy becoming available to play on Saturday, July 25. The reason for the short delay for Birdie and Cammy is to test out Capcom’s new content delivery system.

A total of four stages will be available to play in the beta. The Bustling Side Street in China, the Terminal Station in London, the Forgotten Waterfall in New Zealand, and a training Grid, which is accessible between matches. In regards to matches, the beta will only support online matches as Capcom is testing the game’s online functionality. Yes - that means there’s no local versus mode during the life of the beta.

Players can get guaranteed access to the beta by pre-ordering Street Fighter 5 from GameStop, Amazon, Best Buy, or the PlayStation Network. Beta redemption keys will be emailed from the retailer starting on July 20. Once players receive their beta keys, they can input it into PSN to download the beta client.

The Street Fighter 5 beta will begin on July 23 at 6PM PT and will last for 5 days, ending on July 28.

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