Square Enix pulls Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn for Mac, offers full refunds

The Mac version of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn is no longer available for sale due to it experiencing technical issues during launch.


Square Enix released a Mac version of Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn in late June, but its launch didn’t go as smoothly as they would have liked as players began reporting a number of performance issues with the MMO. Today, the company has pulled the game from being sold and will proceed to offer full refunds for those who purchased the game during its troubled launch.

The technical issues were related to the game’s system requirements, which Square Enix provided false information regarding what a customer would need in order to run the game. "Because of this situation, many of you purchased a product which your Mac hardware could not run at even the minimum system requirements, resulting in insufficient performance, for which many of you have expressed your dissatisfaction," game producer Naoki Yoshida wrote in a forum post. "Had we provided accurate information beforehand, I know many of you would not have purchased the Mac version, which is why we decided to offer full refunds."

What didn’t help the performance issues was the release of the Heavensward expansion on June 23 which led Square Enix to being unable to devote enough time to making sure Final Fantasy 14’s Mac version was ready for launch. "Up until the official release of the Mac version on June 23rd, we were working to improve the client's performance," Yoshida said. "Consequently, the system requirements which we should have released were not made available in time, which was a serious problem.”

Refunds for the Mac version of Final Fantasy 14 will be available at all retailers, but Yoshida notes the process will vary depending on the store. For those who purchased the game directly from Square Enix’s online store, all you’d need to do is fill out this form in order to receive your refund.

As for when the Mac version of the game will be available, Square Enix aims to have it available “as soon as we are satisfied that the product information and system requirements are properly prepared.”

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