Team Fortress 2 begins its three-month Gun Mettle Campaign tomorrow

Team Fortress 2 players looking for ways to earn some new, more sleek-looking weaponry will have their chance tomorrow when Valve unleashes the Gun Mettle Campaign update.


Team Fortress 2 has been introducing free updates for nearly a decade, but now Valve is about to try something a little bit different. A new update called the Gun Mettle Campaign is going to introduce some skill-based jobs that will give TF2 players a chance to earn some truly unique weaponry. The catch? It'll cost $5.99 to jump in.

The Gun Mettle Campaign will provide a series of unique challenges for each of the game's classes. Examples provided include reflecting projectiles as Pyro, surviving 1000 damage as a Heavy, or killing an airborne enemy with your secondary weapon as a Soldier. Completing any of these contracts will yield a campaign-exclusive weapon or an unlockable weapon case, all of which are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay. Players will also get to admire their collection via some new in-game animations. Campaign progress will be tracked via the Contract Coin, which players will get upon purchase.

While $5.99 may sound like a steep entry fee, portions of these sales will be given to TF2 community mapmakers. The Gun Mettle Campaign begins tomorrow and is set to run for the next three months. Users can jump in at any point, but entry will be closed for the final month of the campaign. For more information, check out the update page and the FAQ.

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