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E3 2015: Bungie discusses Destiny: The Taken King's story, subclasses, and more

During our time at E3, we met with Bungie programmer Luke Timmins to discuss Destiny's upcoming expansion, The Taken King.


The Taken King is coming and we sat down with Bungie programmer Luke Timmins at E3 to discuss what can we expect from Destiny’s upcoming expansion.

Destiny: The Taken King has Guardians fighting a new adversary called Oryx. Oryx is rightfully upset after you killed his son, Crota, and he is raising an army of corrupted Taken forces to enact his revenge. It’s up you to take down Oryx before he and his dark army consume our civilization and ruining our solar system.

In this developer spotlight, we chat with Luke Timmins about The Taken King’s story, the new subclasses for each Guardian, and the upcoming new strikes, Crucible maps and modes, the objective mode Rift, and more. There’s a lot packed into this 7-minute video, so sit back and enjoy. And then be sure to read our impressions piece since it might convince us to play more Destiny.

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From The Chatty
    • reply
      June 30, 2015 3:05 PM

      I love interviewing programmers. Dudes are always so enthusiastic and just generally awesome.

    • reply
      July 1, 2015 5:29 AM

      The programmer actually squeaked a few times. That was funny. I spit out my coffee this morning as he tried to give mythos and lore to a game that has none. If I had died I would have had my kin sue Activision for involuntary manslaughter.
      Now, if he only spoke about the ridonculous price tag.

      • reply
        July 1, 2015 5:34 AM

        There is lore behind the game, but that's the problem. It's really behind the game off on the stupid Destiny Grimoire site. I would love to hear the logic behind that choice.

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