Civilization: Beyond Earth dives into the Rising Tide with E3 walkthrough video

Civilization: Beyond Earth is months away from getting its first expansion. With that in mind, 2K and Firaxis have released the full E3 2015 walkthrough video to show off some of its new features.


For various members of our Shacknews community, Civilization: Beyond Earth could have been better than it was. But some of those same posters also recognize that Civilization V got off to a similarly slow start. It only found its footing once expansions were introduced. So with that in mind, it's time to take a closer look at Beyond Earth's first official expansion, Rising Tide.

2K Games and Firaxis showed off Rising Tide at this year's E3 and now they're ready to show off the E3 walkthrough video, which goes into more details on the newest factions and biomes. This includes some new high temperatures seen in the Primordial biome and new ocean-based gameplay that's demonstrated through the Aquatic biome.

"There are similarities in water and land gameplay, but they are different in some key ways," art director Todd Bilger said on the Civilization website. "We wanted a level of familiarity so players would have an easy time integrating ocean cities into their established strategies. If you've played the base game, then you'll have no trouble building an ocean colonist and settling them. On the other hand, there are a lot of new obstacles and opportunities specific to the ocean. There's no terrain to stop your movement. Everything moves very quickly. Boats move fast. Cities can move around. Overall, gameplay at sea is a lot faster and more dangerous. The aquatic aliens also provide the player with new challenges. Aquatic aliens still have nests and a variety of forms, but their AI is set to do different things."

For more on Rising Tide, check out the full walkthrough video below. Civilization: Beyond Earth's Rising Tide expansion is set to release this fall.

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