Bethesda honors Fallout 4 pre-order paid in bottle caps

We have a feeling Bethesda is going to be swimming in bottle caps once the Internet catches wind of this.


Last week, Imgur user GatorMacheteJr sent his entire life savings of bottle caps, which weighed in at 11.2 pounds, to Bethesda in hopes he would be able to pre-order Fallout 4. While we found the story interesting, we didn’t think the developer would actually respond to the request. But today, we’re learning the studio will honor his request and offer him a copy of the game.

Bethesda global community lead Matt Grandstaff acknowledged the infamous bottle caps were received, and they did indeed smell like beer. One of his followers, Greg Wilburn, was hoping Bethesda would honor the exchange of bottle caps for a copy of Fallout 4, to which Grandstaff replied:

While it’s unknown what version of Fallout 4 GatorMacheteJr will receive, it’s still great to see Bethesda honoring something like this from its fan base. Considering it took him 7 ½ years to collect, we have a feeling all of that drinking was worth it. We just hope he paced himself a bit.

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