Destiny The Taken King Collector's Edition exclusive content will now be sold seperately

Bungie will now offer the once exclusive content in The Taken King's Collector's Edition for sale.


Destiny has been quite the controversial game ever since its initial release in September 2014. The game has had a polarizing effect on the gaming community, and its upcoming The Taken King expansion appears to be causing even more controversy, specifically its $80 Collector’s Edition. But Bungie appears to be listening to its fans and is attempting to make things right with them by offering another way to get this previously-exclusive content.

The Taken King’s Collector’s Edition features a copy of Destiny, its previous expansions, The Dark Below and House of Wolves, the upcoming The Taken King expansion and  three new emotes that wouldn’t be available outside of this edition. That means Destiny players would have to dole out $80 just to get that exclusive content, but Bungie has announced they will sell it in a digital package for $20 starting on September 15.

The digital package will include those three class-specific emotes, three Armor Shaders and three Exotic Class Items with XP bonuses.

Bungie also plans on offering bonuses for “VIP” players who have been playing Destiny since its launch or purchased its existing expansions and hinted at a bonus for those who purchase the digital collector’s edition and already own Destiny and both expansions. “We’ll have some additional information for you soon,” Bungie said.

Seeing as The Taken King Collector's Edition costs $80, buying The Taken King by itself plus the digital package doesn't seem like a great deal to us. That combination will cost $60, and when you consider throwing in $20 more will get you a copy of Destiny and access to The Dark Below and House of Wolves, we think it would be worth spending $80 on the Collector's Edition and then giving away the stuff you don't need to a family member or friend. That way, they could experience Destiny and hopefully finally join you in a Raid or two.

[Via Bungie]

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