E3 2015: Blastball debuts at Nintendo World Championships

Stage 2 of the Nintendo World Championships turned out to be a never-before-seen 3DS game called Blastball.


This was definitely shaping up to be a big for Nintendo, with the Nintendo World Championships taking the air today. What may not have been expected was Nintendo bringing a slew of announcements for today's broadcast. Shortly after announcing Earthbound Beginnings, Nintendo kicked off its Nintendo World Championships, where Stage 2 was...a brand new Nintendo 3DS game called Blastball.

Blastball is futuristic soccer, but rather than having standard players kicking a ball around, it's competitors in giant mech suits. The players must shoot the ball towards a goal, while picking up boosts and power-ups. As each team scores, their goal will get smaller, making the final goal more of a difficult task.

Look for more information on Blastball soon.

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