Overwatch video shows 6 haunting minutes of Reaper

Death slowly stalks you when Reaper begins his march, as evidenced by the latest gameplay video for Overwatch.


Arguably, no character in Overwatch heralds death more than Reaper. The masked terrorist walks onto the Overwatch battlefield with mysterious intentions and a pair of twin shotguns. And just when his opponents think they have him, he slithers into the shadows.

This six-minute video for Reaper shows just what kind of pain the dark warrior is capable of inflicting. While Reaper can cause great damage with his shotguns, he can also disappear just as quickly with his Wraith Form and Shadow Step abilities. Watch as he skillfully picks off his targets in the Point Capture map known as the Temple of Anubis.

The Overwatch beta is in line to start later this year. Those interested can sign up on Battle.net.

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