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OlliOlli2 adds multiplayer with free Combo-Rush update

Racking up high scores is no longer enough, so Roll7 has added a new OlliOlli2 update that pits skaters against one another for bragging rights.


By now, skaters have been racking up some high scores across all of OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood. That's fine for personal bragging rights and for posting scores on Twitter, but that doesn't offer much in terms of the instant gratificaion one would get from immediately rubbing their score in their friend's face. So Roll7 is fixing that with the new Combo-Rush update that introduces split-screen multiplayer to OlliOlli2.

The Combo-Rush adds four new local multiplayer game modes across all of OlliOlli2's stages. These include:

  • Time: Players have a set time limit to rack up their highest score.
  • Race: Tricks are out the window, as players must race to the finish.
  • One-shot: Rack up as high a score as possible across a single skating line.
  • Score: Set the target score and wait to see if your friend can break it.

Each of these game modes can be played across a tournament format, with players able to set the tournament length. Ties are settled with a sudden death One-Shot stage.

For more on the Combo-Rush update, check out the video below.

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