Lenovo announces VR Goggles to compete with Samsung Gear VR

The VR wars are heating up as Lenovo is now entering the ring with its VR Goggles, which appears to be a direct competitor to the Samsung Gear VR.


Lenovo has announced they’re throwing their headset into the VR ring as they introduce its Lenovo VR Goggles TechWorld in Beijing today.

The Lenovo VR Goggles work in a similar manner to how the Samsung Gear VR functions. The headset works with Lenovo Android phones by providing an immersive experience by sliding the phone into it, thus using it as its display. The headset features a dial on each of its sides that adjusts each lens as well as a dial on top for focus. Navigating the VR Goggles is done through the use of a handheld remote control.

Considering Lenovo’s Android phones don’t have a large presence in Western markets, we probably won’t be seeing it launching in the US anytime soon. Although now that Motorola is owned by Lenovo, there’s always a possibility of it being compatible with Motorola phones down the line.

Lenovo has yet to announce pricing and availability, although they should launch towards the end of 2015.

While companies like Oculus VR and HTC have their eyes on desktop VR, the mobile VR scene appears to be a bit more open as there is yet to be a dominant player in the field. Samsung has its Gear VR, Google has Cardboard,  and a number of other lesser-known companies have their own respective headsets. Meanwhile, Microsoft is completely straying from the world of VR with its HoloLens headset, although its use of holographics is still impressive.

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