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Windows Holographic and HoloLens revealed: Windows 10 Steps into the Future

Microsoft turns sci-fi into reality with the reveal of Windows Holographic and the HoloLens headset during the Windows 10 media briefing.


Virtual reality goggles are the future, and Microsoft is setting up for it. Windows Holographic was revealed today at the Windows 10 media briefing. The experience, which involves a large headset called the Microsoft HoloLens, which works by overlaying images onto the world around you. It's a holographic computer that will features see-through lenses, spacial sound, advanced sensors, and advanced CPU and GPU, along with a third - holographic - processor to see the world around it in real-time. The headset works wirelessly, without the need for a PC hookup or smartphone connection. However, users appear to be able to interact with holographic projections without the need for haptic feedback gloves or motion sensing devices like the Kinect.

Among multiple business and learning applications, games like Minecraft (which is now owned by Microsoft) were highlighted in the demonstration video. The demonstrators also mention that video game levels will be more immersive than ever. All Windows 10 apps will work with Holographic, so Microsoft invites developers like Oculus, Magic Leap, and Glass to join in. Windows Holographic and the HoloLens is expected to launch in the Windows 10 timeframe

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