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Payday 2 can't stop raving with Alesso Heist DLC

It's a good night to hit the club and pick up some goodies with Payday 2's 23rd DLC pack, a collaboration with DJ Alesso.


Overkill Software has been heisting for quite a while, so after a hard night of putting in work, it's time to go out and party. But for the criminals of Payday 2, this also usually involves heists of some sort. So for the game's 23rd DLC pack, Overkill is collaborating with DJ Alesso for the appropriately-named Alesso Heist.

DJ Alesso has helped design this latest mission. Crews will navigate the Gensec arena in an attempt to loot its rich art exhibition vaults, filled with a whole lot of cash. As players listen through Alesso's new song (also called "Payday"), they'll pick up a new Matever .357 low-recoil revolver, which comes with four weapon mods. There are also four new melee weapons to pick up, including a microphone, mic stand, metal detector, and classic baton. Four new masks are there for the taking, too, along with new materials and patterns.

The Alesso Heist is now available on PC for $6.99. It is also slated to hit Xbox One and PlayStation 4 later, following the release of the Payday 2: Crimewave Edition.

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