King's Quest dev diary offers glimpse at its digitized hand-drawn art style

In this new developer diary, we learn about the process The Odd Gentlemen have to go to in order to transfer hand-drawn art into a video game world.


Sierra and The Odd Gentlemen have released a new King’s Quest developer diary, and in this new installment, we get to learn about the adventure game’s unique visuals and how its hand-painted style is transferred into the game world.

In this video, The Odd Gentlemen art director Evan Cagle and producer Lindsey Rostal give us a look at the process of how artwork of King’s Quest is created on paper before it comes to life on screen. Cagel is a fan of the original King’s Quest’s art style, which is why he was chosen to be true to the old spirit of that series.

After taking a closer look at the art in King’s Quest, it reminds us of a more refined look to Gearbox Software’s Borderlands series. The animation seems to be more fluid in King’s Quest as King Graham’s cape seems to dance around as he walks. It really is a gorgeous-looking game that appears to successfully capture the essence of the old series. And with the recent addition of Christopher Lloyd to its voice cast, The Odd Gentlemen will also be delivering a treat for our ears, too.

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