TowerFall: Dark World expansion slings its arrow on Tuesday, May 12

TowerFall Ascension's first and only expansion is finally ready to go. It will arrive on both PC and PlayStation 4 this Tuesday.


It's been over a year since archers have been slinging arrows at one another in the name of survival, fun, and friendly competition. Now it's time for TowerFall Ascension to get its first and only expansion, as creator Matt Thorson announced earlier today that TowerFall: Dark World would hit PC and PlayStation 4 this coming Tuesday.

The Dark World expansion includes a new co-op campaign for up to four players, as well as new archers, arenas, and arrow types. Shacknews introduced four of the new archers back in February, in addition to the previously-revealed Vainglorious Ghoul. The other newcomers includes the Crimson Corsair (alternate red), Vicious Vanguard (alternate purple), Prancing Puppet (alternate cyan), and Young Master (alternate yellow), Sacred Sister (alternate white).

Other new mechanical changes, like dodge stalling and ledge slipping, will be introduced with the Dark World. Look for the TowerFall Ascension expansion to arrive next week. For more, check out the trailer and screenshots below.

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