H1Z1 discovers female survivors in latest update

Are there seriously only men trying to survive the zombie apocalypse? That seems preposterous, so Daybreak has added female characters to the survival experience.


For the first several months of H1Z1's Steam Early Access release, the zombie apocalypse has been missing something important. If the human race is to live and carry on, it's probably a good idea to not have a world full of men. Daybreak Games is well aware that there are also women attempting to see the light of day after the zombie outbreak, so the game's latest patch is introducing a female survivor.

All of the game's wearable items and emotes will work across both genders, so players can take their existing inventory and transfer it over to any newly-created females. In order to make the switch, however, your existing male character will need to be deleted. Daybreak is acknowleding that the female survivor has limited voice options at the moment, something they are looking to address soon.

The game has also received a handful of balance changes, including some adjustments to vehicles and inventory items. Flashbangs have also been added, in case you're looking to be a jerk and blind some of the other players just looking for scraps in a lonesome warehouse. Yes, you can now be that guy (or gal).

The full list of patch notes are available on the H1Z1 subreddit. H1Z1 is currently available on Steam Early Access.

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