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Destiny: House of Wolves getting live preview on Twitch now [Update: Here's the recap]

Bungie is taking to Twitch to reveal full details on Destiny's next expansion, House of Wolves. The stream is going on right now.


Bungie is offering a glimpse at Destiny's upcoming House of Wolves expansion. The studio is planning to release the expansion on May 19.

Update: The stream is over and here's what we've gleamed from it.

Bungie took some time to go into detail about the game's lore, explaining the Reef's new central hub known as Queen's Bay, as well as some of the in-game items that will be included with the new House of Wolves expansion. Among the new items revealed were a new Awoken ship, as well as new weapons and gear, which includes fresh armor sets. New weapons, like the Pacifier X, Red Hand IX hand cannon, and Vindicator XI rifle are making their debut, which Bungie insists are not simple reskins of existing weaponry. New gear will include garb, like the Elector's Hood helmet.

Bungie also noted that older legendary/exotic weapons and armor could be boosted to a higher level limit, whether players purchase the House of Wolves DLC or not. Collecting a resource called Etheric Light will help boost any legendary or exotic equipment to its highest level, which includes an increased max damage limit of 365. Etheric Light can be earned by completing certain tasks in the game, with no cap set on how much of it can be earned. Also, weapon progression will not reset upon upgrade.

Those looking for fresh loot will be able to hit the Trials of Osiris mode. This will be a competitive event that will run from Friday through Tuesday every week, where players will be able to pick up a variety of rewards.

All of the details can be found in the archived stream, which can be seen below.

Watch live video from Bungie on Twitch

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