Don't Starve Together gets 'Reign of Giants' on April 21

If you and your friends have been able to survive Don't Starve Together so far, you're about to meet your biggest challenge yet. No, not the behemoths of Reign of Giants. It's your own Twitch audience.


Klei has been busy this week. Shortly before its Invisible Inc. announcement, the developer also offered an update on Don't Starve. Friends that have managed to survive the harrowing co-op world of Don't Starve Together are about to face their biggest challenge yet… literally. The Reigns of Giants DLC is about to hit the Steam Early Access version of the game on April 21.

For those that need a refresher, Reigns of Giants adds new features to the game, like seasons and larger biomes. Oh, and giants. There are also giants.

Klei is set to offer the Reigns of Giants update as a free expansion for current owners of Don't Starve Together. The announcement also points to an update coming tomorrow that will add a new Twitch mod. This mod will allow for viewer participation, allowing them to help (or hurt. Especially hurt!) players by interacting with the world, like some sort of benevolent (or evil) omnipotent force.

Don't Starve Together is currently available now on Steam Early Access. Also, Klei is reminding Wii U owners that the single-player Don't Starve: Giant Edition is set to hit Wii U next month with a "Buy one, get one free" promotion that will yield an extra copy of the game for a friend. That trailer can be seen below.

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