DC Universe Online blows up with new Munitions power set

Is there a nigh-indestructible metahuman coming towards you at blinding speed? DC Universe Online is giving players the option to blow them up with a new power set.


In a world of superheroes and supervillains, sometimes the solution to powerful beings is much more human. Yes, the answer to the super-powered being of the world is explosives and lots of them! That's why DC Universe Online is going into its arsenal of munitions, ballistics, and big honkin' guns for the MMORPG's latest update.

Inspired by characters like Sgt. Rock, ex-Robin Jason Todd, and Detonator, the new Munitions power set will be divided into Guts and Glory, each of which will offer their own distinct brand of heavy artillery. Guts will offer a rocket jump, chain gun, mounted turret, and mini-nuke, among other similar offerings. Meanwhile, Glory will include a laser net, particle cannon, flak cannon, and smoke grenade launcher to start.

Munitions marks the 13th power set to hit DC Universe Online, as well as the first to be added in over a year. It'll run at 600 Market Cash, but Daybreak members can pick it up for no extra charge.

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