DiRT 3 leaves Games for Windows Live in the dust for Steamworks

Those who own the Games for Windows Live version of DiRT 3 will now be able to access the game from their Steam library.


Codemasters has announced DiRT 3 has finally made its way to the Steamworks finish line after several months of Steam users continuously reminding the developer they need to ditch Games for Windows Live. The result is a game that is 100% completely without any sort of reliance on the now closed platform.

Codemasters’ community manager Lee Williams made the announcement today on DiRT 3’s Steam community page. He also had a few surprises for those who own the PC version of DiRT 3 as they’ll automatically be upgraded to the Complete Edition of the game, which includes all its DLC for no extra cost.

Those who own the GFWL version of DiRT 3 in their Steam Library should now be able to access the Complete Edition as well. If you have a boxed PC copy of DiRT 3 or have a GFWL CD Key, you can now activate that CD key on Steam.

Unfortunately, the GFWL version of DiRT 3’s save files will not be compatible with the Steam version, so all of your previous progress won’t be transferrable. "We know it sucks and we are sorry but it was unavoidable," Williams noted in today's announcement.

DiRT 3 finally making the transition to Steamworks is definitely a good thing, although we certainly feel the pain of all of those who own the GFWL version since their save file won't be transferable. At least you'll now get the Complete Edition of the game to help compensate.

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