Hearthstone patch buffs Warsong Commander and others

Charge FORWARD...everyone!


Hearthstone players are journeying to Blackrock Mountain in just a few days. But before then, Blizzard has a few housekeeping items in order. A new patch was released earlier today and it's made a few adjustments to a couple of commonly-used minions. Those adjustments are for the better.

The biggest change for Patch comes to Warsong Commander, who can now grant the Charge ability to all minions, even those summoned by other minions. That means Dragonling Mechanic, Murloc Tidehunter, and yes, even Dr. Boom's trusty Boom Bots will all be given Charge.

Other changes address various minion-related bugs. Vol'jin will no longer kill itself when swapping with a lone stealth minion, Sylvanas Windrunner will no longer target dying minions (such as those under the Corruption effect), and Bane of Doom can now summon any collectible demon.

The full list of changes can be found on the Hearthstone website. Those looking to further prepare for Blackrock Mountain can also check out Steve's breakdown of all 31 new cards.

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