Killer Instinct PAX East panel reveals Hisako, Shadows, and story mode details

Iron Galaxy sees dead people. Specifically, it sees Hisako, the latest warrior to join the Killer Instinct roster, and debuted her in front of a capacity crowd at PAX East.


Iron Galaxy has come up with some creative characters for Killer Instinct: Season 2, thus far. All have managed to stand out in their own unique way and it doesn't look like ghost girl Hisako will buck that trend. The KI developer debut the new fighter at a PAX East panel earlier today, while also revealing some of what's set to hit the game in the future.

Hisako will pick up departed father's sword and move at a deliberate pace. She can teleport around and use a wall jump to cover great distances. She's a completely defensive character, who uses an exclusive "Wrath Meter." When her Wrath Meter is full, she can counter any opponent's attack automatically. However, her Wrath Meter will deplete very quickly, meaning players must be careful about follow-up attacks or combos. Watch as Iron Galaxy's Adam Heart and Isaac Torres demonstrate Hisako's abilities in the video below.

Iron Galaxy also debuted 'Shadows,' which will act as CPU players emulating the player's fighting style. The Shadows will analyze your attack patterns, combos, and even taunt tendencies and use them all in battle, making an ideal sparring partner.

Finally, Iron Galaxy offered up some details about the Killer Instinct: Season 2 story mode that will incorporate the new fighters introduced over the previous months. Season 2's story will make its debut in April. Meanwhile, look for Hisako to debut with the game's next patch later this month, while Shadows arrive in April.

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