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Chatty Twitch Highlights 54: Chatty dives into Evolve's Evacuation mode

Evolve continues to be a heavy part of Chatty's game rotation. This week, sergeon leads a crew of Shacknews into a full Evacuation session, showing off one of the most exciting aspects of Turtle Rock's new game.


The big spring games are set to start trickling out in earnest over the next few weeks, but you can always count on the Shacknews Chatty community to play the best of what's hot now, what was hot back in the day, and even occasionally some hotness you might not have even known about. This week, we're spotlighting more Evolve with our community members banding together to take on the big bad monster, while also discovering some of the best games of the previous generation. Check out this week's selections below.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.


There's been plenty said about Evolve and whether it's lived up to the hype or not. A good portion of the Chatty community has rendered its verdict, returning to Evolve for several lengthy sessions. But we've yet to see a full-blown Evacuation game from them, curious given that it was one of the aspects of the game that got rave reviews across the board. But now it's time to watch an Evacuation game from some of our hardened Chatty posters, thanks to sergeon. Check out the full playthrough below.

Watch live video from SergeonMD on Twitch

God of War II

Chatty's dael has been a constant reminder that the previous console generations have provided some amazing gaming experiences. It's been a pleasure to jump back in time with his Twitch streams and now it's time to venture into another previous-generation console classic. It's Kratos' acclaimed second adventrue, God of War II, where the Ghost of Sparta looks to overthrow the king of the gods and avenge his family's murder, once and for all. Check out the first half-hour of the game on dael's Twitch channel.

Ultra Street Fighter 4

Chatty's Mantle recently took the Wednesday tournaments outside of its normal setting, taking an Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament over to GottaCon, the gaming convention in Victoria, British Columbia. The tournament was home to some tremendous matchups. Let's highlight the Vega vs. Blanka matchup. Be sure to check out the rest of Mantle's channel for more footage!

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