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Chatty Twitch Highlights 52: Of Love and Monsters

We've finally reached the 52nd edition of the Chatty Twitch Highlights. To celebrate, this week's Twitch roundup looks at our first Evolve Shackbattle, followed by footage of the PS Plus freebie Apotheon, and we honor the Valentine's Day movie of the weekend (you know the one!) by playing some Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.


Welcome to a very special love-filled edition of the Chatty Twitch Highlights. It's filled with love, because this is #52 and we now have a year's worth of Chatty's best playthroughs across the Twitch universe. Thank you for joining us for the past year and change and we sincerely hope you will join us for some more clips over the rest of 2015.

For this week, it's time to dive into the new hotness. Yes, Chatty has also gotten into Evolve, as of late, and it didn't take long for some of our posters to arrange a Shackbattle. We also dive into more classic Shackbattles with this week's Chivalry game before also getting into the latest PlayStation Plus offering with Apotheon.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.


We've heard the name "Evolve" a lot in the Shacknews offices over the past week, whether it was our review, our Shacknews Select behind-the-scenes, or simply our interview with Phil Robb. But what do the people have to say?

To help answer that, we check out the sergeon Twitch stream, where a handful of Shackers face off in 4-on-1 mayhem. Beward the monstrous wrath of happynoodle!

Watch live video from SergeonMD on Twitch


As part of this month's free PlayStation Plus offerings, subscribers received the indie Metroidvania hack-and-slash Apotheon. It's main allure is its shadowy, cel-shaded art style that harkens back to the classic ancient Greek pottery patterns. But it's mechanically solid, to boot. Check out the Squid Division playthrough to see an early part of the game.

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Finally, we wrap up with some Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. In the spirit of this weekend's Kingsman: The Secret Service film, which contains its ample share of limb severing and flailing body parts, why not watch some more hacked limbs with Chivalry? If the Kingsman are the modern knights, then the Chivalry warriors are surely... the knights... knight... ok, this analogy worked out better in my head. Just watch Hemtroll and enjoy the ultraviolence!

For more highlights and live streams, check out the full list of Shacknews Twitch channels.

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