Surgeon Simulator dev unveils first Worlds Adrift footage

The makers of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread are also working on an atmospheric open-world adventure. Check out the first footage of Worlds Adrift.


While Bossa Studios is still trying to create the perfect piece of toast, the Surgeon Simulator dev actually has another game in the works. Today, they unveiled the first footage for their upcoming open world adventure, Worlds Adrift.

Worlds Adrift is an atmospheric exploration game, which will feature an excavation element. The main character will have a multi-tool at his disposal, allowing him to mine for resources or further explore the world.

"One thing that’s always been really important to the vision of the game is the atmosphere," producer Herb Liu explains on the Worlds Adrift website. "Lots of things contribute to how you feel when you’re in a game, but perhaps none more than the art style. Besides stylizing everything with low poly counts and flat colors, we’re trying to make sure the soft dynamic lighting gives Worlds an illustrated feel. You’ll see in the video the day/night cycle gives the environment a different feel during the day and compared with the night. The game will also definitely play differently depending on the time of day."

No word on when Worlds Adrift will be released, but expect it to eventually hit PC.

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