Frozen Cortex gets single-player update while shooting for February release

Football is over for this year. Or is it? Frozen Cortex has released a major new update focusing on single-player, while also aiming to exit Steam Early Access later this month.


Now that the NFL has wrapped up another season, it's time to start looking into different football alternatives. Fortunately, there's still the upcoming Mode 7 Games real-time strategy take on the sport called Frozen Cortex. The developer revealed a major new content update last week that focuses on the game's single-player aspect, while also revealing that the former Frozen Endzone is slated to exit Steam Early Access later this month.

The most recent update added the Knockout mode, which challenges players to go through as many games as possible without losing. Permadeath is enabled, while players will only receive scant upgrades from week-to-week. The Global Cortex League mode will unfold like a traditional football season, while the Random League will offer up random characters to make up your roster. Mode 7 is also introducing story elements (surrounding a sinister League scandal) and rules variations.

Frozen Cortex is aiming for a final February release. Those looking to get into the game now can jump in via Steam Early Access.

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