Blizzard's Overwatch may need name change due to copyright issues

It appears Blizzard didn't watch the trademark for Overwatch as another company may have already swooped it up.


Blizzard announced Overwatch in early November to much excitement by its dedicated fans and fans of team-based multiplayer shooters in general. Now that the dust has settled on Overwatch, it looks like Blizzard has run into a bit of a problem with its development.

According to documents posted on NeoGAF, the United States Patent and Trademark Office has suspended Blizzard’s application for a trademark for Overwatch as it could result in a “likelihood of confusion” with a previously registered trademark.

Innovis Labs is also looking to acquire the Overwatch trademark for its application that is used as a utility to enhance airsoft, paintball, and first-person shooter gameplay events. Seeing as both applications are within the realm of gaming, it appears that’s where Blizzard is having issues with their application.

Whether or not Blizzard can obtain the Overwatch trademark is unknown at this time. If they’re unable to secure it, a name change would be the logical next step. Blizzard could also purchase the trademark from Innovis Labs, although seeing how Overwatch has yet to be released, I’m guessing a name change would be a more ideal solution.

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