PlanetSide 2 gets a snowman invasion for new holiday update

PlanetSide 2's latest update is set to go live later tonight and it will include new Holiday Directives that have squads hunting for snowmen.


The holiday season is a universal concept throughout the cosmos. So even if Auraxis is still at war, all PlanetSide 2 players are gearing up to celebrate the game's new Winter Holiday Event.

New Holiday Directives are stemming from a snowman epidemic. Snowmen are running rampant on Esamir, while Stone Snowmen can be found on Indar, Amerish, and Hossin. There are even Golden Snowmen wandering across all continents. Wiping out each of these snowmen will give PS2 players special Snowman XP and will also grant an XP boost to any squad members within 300 meters.

New holiday items are also hitting the store for purchase. A new 'Icikill' knife will give enemies the chills, while others can simply dress up with Holiday Hats for a 50% XP boost. There's also a Holiday Bundle for purchase that include the 'Icikill' knife, holiday hats, last year's Deep Freeze pistol, and a 14-day Squad XP boost, among other items.

For grinches that choose not to celebrate the holidays, the new update will include other change. Knives are now wieldable by all classes, while Engineers can deliver everyone pain for Christmas with a new Spitfire Auto-Turret.

The new patch is set to go live later tonight. For more on the numerous balances changes being introduced with the latest patch, visit the PlanetSide 2 forums. The holiday event is set to run until January 7.

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