Miegakure will bend time and space on PlayStation 4

It's been in development for several years, but once it's finished, Miegakure will also be bringing its unique 4D puzzle-platforming to PlayStation 4.


Marc ten Bosch's outside-the-box puzzle-platformer, Miegakure, has been in the works for many years. In the time since development started, the 4D puzzler has collected many accolades, including IGF, IndieCade, and E3 Showcase selections. The game still isn't quite finished, but once it is, it will also be making the jump to PlayStation 4.

"The gameplay focuses on exploring a 4D world and the consequences of being able to move in 4D," Bosch explains on PlayStation.Blog. "For example, for a 2D being, houses only need four walls (think of a drawing of a square on a piece of paper). If the doors are locked, there is no way to enter the house. But us 3D beings can see inside the house by just looking at it from above, and we can reach in and grab whatever is inside and move it outside the house, without opening any doors, to the bemusement of the poor 2D beings! Similarly, a 4D being can perform miraculous feats such as remove objects from a locked safe without opening it, bind together two rings without breaking them, or spy on 3D beings without them knowing. We have carefully designed each level in Miegakure to be about performing one of these feats, letting players become a sort of super hero from the actual fourth dimension."

Though it has been in development for several years, Miegakure is aiming for a 2015 release. In addition to PlayStation 4, it will also come to PC. It's still a little head-scratching to explain the idea of four dimensions, so let's take a look at two videos below, the latter of which further elaborates on the game concept.

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