Total War: Attila trailer rides the 'Red Horse of War'

Sega and The Creative Assembly continue to march towards Total War: Attila's release with the arrival of a new cinematic trailer.


Sega and The Creative Assembly are unleashing the Red Horse of War as part of its continuing marketing blitz for the upcoming Total War: Attila. Today saw the release of a new cinematic trailer, showing off the ruthless nature of the Sassanid Empire. The Sassanid Empire is remembered as the last Iranian empire to ride before the rise of Islam. They were recognized as conquerors of much of the modern-day Middle East, as well as parts of Egypt.

Today's trailer was also accompanied by a few new game mechanic reveals. A new civil war system will debut, in which rogue commanders can convince members of their army to mutiny. Such insurgence can be combated through the new mechanic of Decimation, an ancient Roman practice of systematic slaughter of 1/10 of the army to send a message of order.

Such is the high price of Total War. Look for Attila to arrive on PC on February 17.

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