Total War: Attila declares war on PC on February 17

Attila the Hun is taking the battlefield in the latest installment of the Total War franchise on February 17.


The mighty warrior Attila the Hun will have his story told in a whole new way, thanks to the Total War franchise. Sega and The Creative Assembly have announced a release date for Total War: Attila. They'll bring the conqueror to PC on February 17 and have lined up a slew of pre-order bonuses that includes a round of Day 1 DLC.

Early adopters will get the Viking Forefathers Culture pack at no extra charge. This will add the Danes, Jutes, and Geats as playable factions. They'll, of course, bring their own various units, missions, and culture traits to the battlefield. There's also a retail special edition package that will add an Attila the Hun biography from author Nic Fields, a reference guide poster, and the aforementioned DLC.

For more on Total War: Attila, check out the conqueror's exploits in the trailer below. Pre-orders are now available from Steam.

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    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Total War: Attila declares war on PC on February 17

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        November 25, 2014 11:10 AM

        You'd think they could, I don't know, get some folks to implement parallel processing or redesign an engine to support that.

        They have had the resources - but they pour it into art, animation, fidelity and sacrifice so much potential.

        Had they put in the leg-work beginning with the Shogun2 development, they would have heeded the wake-up call that was MTW2 and none of this RTW2 nonsense would have ever happened.

        Moral of the story Creative Assembly? Send a memo up to Activision saying "Our game would sell like hotcakes if it ran on a computer that isn't up to NASA specifications."

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      November 25, 2014 6:34 AM

      Don't forget:

      "Rome wasn't patched in a day."

      How about we skip this and go straight for the Warhammer Fantasy Total War that they are working on?
      Thanks a bunch 8D

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