Far Cry 4 Season Pass trailer includes more Hurk, frenemis, and Yetis

Ubisoft released a brand-new trailer highlighting Far Cry 4's Season Pass, which includes additional missions, a PvP mode, and Yetis.


Ubisoft detailed what would be included in the Far Cry 4 Season Pass just last month, and today, the company is putting all of those details within an easy-to-digest trailer that shows all of the content in action.

The trailer highlights the four pieces of downloadable content that will be made available within Far Cry 4’s Season Pass. The first, called “Escape from Durgesh” features a number of new open-world missions, while the second features more Hurk as “The Hurk Pack” will offer players 5 new weapons, one of which we’re hoping turns out to be the attack monkeys teased in the new trailer. The “Overrun” pack brings a new player-vs-player mode in Far Cry 4 as well as four new maps to play across. The last, and certainly not least, is the “Valley of the Yetis” pack, which includes both a new campaign and open-world missions, and I’m sure possibly a Yeti.

The Far Cry 4 Season Pass will be priced at $29.99, which is 20% off what all of the DLC packs would cost individually. Best of all, an exclusive day-one mission, called “The Syringe,” will be available for Season Pass owners.

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