TowerFall: Dark World expansion aiming for early 2015

TowerFall: Ascension has one more trick in its quiver and that's a massive expansion set to launch on PC and PS4 in early 2015.


TowerFall Ascension creator Matt Thorson has been hard at work creating more content for his 2D competitive multiplayer platformer. After months of tireless effort, Thorson announced a whole new expansion (the game's "final" add-on) for the game in September called TowerFall: Dark World. Today, Thorson went into a little more detail on the add-on, which is set to come to both PC and PlayStation 4 in early 2015.

"We want to call this an expansion rather than DLC, because it expands the game in every direction rather than providing small incremental additions," Thorson said on PlayStation.Blog. "Approaching it this way allows us to tie all the new stuff together in a very cohesive manner. For you this means more playable archers, levels, modes, power-ups, variants, trials, and more."

Thorson details some of the new archers, like the new red archer known as the Vainglorious Ghoul. He also discusses the Cataclysm tower, which will offer procedurally-generated stages. New arrows will also debut, including the Trigger Arrows that act as remote mines and the Prism Arrows that imprison targets momentarily in a magical field.

Look for more on TowerFall: Dark World soon before its simultaneous PC/PS4 launch.

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