Pikmin Short Movies debut for 3DS and Wii U

It turns out Nintendo isn't done with Pikmin just yet, finally offering the Pikmin cartoon shorts teased in 2013 on the Nintendo eShop.


As it turns out, Nintendo isn't quite finished with Pikmin 3 just yet. In fact, they have plans for the Pikmin franchise as a whole, finally moving forward with the Pikmin cartoon shorts teased in March 2013.

Created using the Flipnote Studio app on the 3DS, the Pikmin Shorts debuted at this year's Tokyo International Film Festival. They're roughly 20 minutes each, all featuring a grander look at the Pikmin world. For anyone that's ever wanted to follow the misadventures of Olimar and Pikmin, take a gander at what to expect below. The Pikmin Short Movies are available right now on the Nintendo eShop, either in 3D on 3DS or in HD on Wii U. They're currently available at $4.99 for each version.

As for Pikmin 3, Nintendo is still working on getting it out to any recent Wii U adopters by offering a free demo. Save data collected in the demo can be carried over to the full game. Pikmin 3 Miiverse events are also expected to take place in the future.

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