Remedy Entertainment CEO talks mobile gaming, Alan Wake, and Quantum Break

Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne recently sat down with Shacknews to talk about several topics, including the future of mobile gaming, the legacy of the Alan Wake franchise, and the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break.


Remedy Entertainment has devoted most of their energy towards PC and console games, like the Alan Wake and the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive Quantum Break. However, the developer has been keeping a close eye on the mobile gaming space, having previously dipped into this world with 2011's Death Rally Mobile. Remedy Entertainment CEO Matias Myllyrinne recently sat down with Shacknews to discuss his thoughts on the developing mobile market, noting that games on phones and tablets are making a tangible leap forward.

"We certainly see the mobile gaming space as very interesting," Myllyrinne told Shacknews. "The power of the computing devices, like the tablets and the smartphones, is increasing. And by the end of next year, the technical performance and the computing power will be close to previous generations of gaming consoles, like the PlayStation 3 or the Xbox 360. Now, you still have the interface, which is smaller, and you have battery use and stuff like that, but the power is there to make more complex, more immersive, and compelling games. And I think once the fidelity increases, the consumers and the audience will expect higher quality and more depth."

Myllyrinne acknowledges some other differences in the platforms, such as gaming session patterns. He does, however, point out the positive sales that Death Rally Mobile has had since its release three years ago and sees mobile platforms as a viable path for Remedy and other gaming studios.

For more from Myllyrinne, including a look back at the Alan Wake and Max Payne franchises, check out the full video below.

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