Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire demo Pokemon can be caught and used later

In revealing two new Mega Evolutions today, The Pokemon Company confirmed that certain Pokemon could be caught in tomorrow's special demo and used in the full game.


Update: Actually, it's not too late to get that demo code, so let's update this, shall we?

Pokemon fans already have a special demo of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire to look forward to tomorrow, but there may be more to it than originally thought. In revealing two of the latest Mega Evolutions to hit the newest version of Pokemon, The Pokemon Company revealed that some of those base Pokemon can be caught in that demo and used in the full game later down the line.

Mega Steelix gets a major Defense boost, making it even more of a tank than it already is. It also gets the Sand Force ability, which ups its Rock, Ground, and Steel-type moves by 30 percent during Sandstorms, meaning you'll either want to have the move equipped or you'll want to tag it up with a Pokemon like Tyranitar that can summon Sandstorms automatically.

Mega Glalie is… scary-looking. I mean, look at this thing! That's to be expected from something referred to as the 'Face Pokemon.' It's also called that, because it'll hit opponents right in the face with its increased Attack and Special Attack stats. The Refrigerate ability will turn all Normal-type moves into Ice-type moves.

It should be noted that Glalie can be caught in the upcoming special demo for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, which can be carried into the full game with Pokemon Link when it releases next month. Of course, it will not come with the all-important stone that allows it to Mega Evolve. That will still need to be found in the full game, but Glalie by itself is nothing to sneeze at.

Tto get the demo, a free Pokemon Trainer Club account had to be created at the Pokemon website prior to October 19. However, there are different ways to get it, as detailed by the Nintendo website. These methods include visiting select cinemas, purchasing Pokemon Puzzle Challenge or the Pokemon Trading Card Game when they release on the 3DS Virtual Console, or buying a digital copy of Pokemon Art Academy.

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