Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell now set to burn on January 20

The epic clash between Johnny Gat and the forces of hell is moving up one week to January 20. Deep Silver and Volition have also revealed some new pre-order bonuses for the standalone expansion, as well as the Saints Row 4: Re-Elected compilation.


Volition isn't ready to leave the 3rd Street Saints behind just yet. The developer, along with publisher Deep Silver, previously announced the standalone expansion Saints Row: Gat out of Hell would send Johnny Gat straight into the bowels of the underworld on January 27. However, the gates of hell wait for no man, so Volition is moving that date up by a week, meaning Gat will now embark on his mission on January 20.

The new release date will apply to the downloadable version, the retail release, and the giant Saints Row 4: Re-Elected compilation that collects SR4, Gat out of Hell, and all of the SR4 DLC.

Pre-order DLC has been confirmed, as well. The Devil's Workshop Pack, which comes with Re-Elected/Gat out of Hell pre-orders, will include a different set of angel's wings, which will come in the standard Saints purple. It'll also come with Yorick, the skull from Shakespeare's Hamlet. Meanwhile, the Plague of Frogs Pack, which comes with Re-Elected pre-orders, will add a taste of hell to Steelport by bringing the Lil' Croaker weapon (which fires plagues of frogs), Infernal Guard armor, and Hellish Princess costumes to the main Saints Row 4 adventure.

Volition also detailed the game's insane new weapons, which Shacknews will spotlight later today. For a taste, you can check out the trailer below.

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