Kerbal Space Program introducing Administration Building to Career Mode

Kerbal Space Program's Career Mode is about to get a boost in the upcoming 0.25 update, with Squad adding a new Admin Building and three new Kerbals.


Exploring space takes more than having the right ship, the right parts, and the right explorers. There are various odds and ends to address, ranging from good PR to accouting. With that in mind, developer Squad is going to add some new twists to Kerbal Space Program's Career Mode in the upcoming 0.25 update.

The main addition will be the new Administration Building, which will introduce new Strategies. New Kerbals will also help manage each of the game's three currencies.

  • Walt Kerman: This is your PR lead and he'll help oversee your agency's Reputation.
  • Mortimer Kerman: This is your agency's lead accountant, who will manage your Funds.
  • Linus Kerman: This is the assistant to Wernher, the lead rocket scientist. He'll represent the Science depart and be tied to the currency of the same name.

Squad is looking to update Strategies in future updates. In addition to adding new ones, they'll also tweak existing ones. As with everything else in KSP, Strategies will be open to mods, allowing for custom ones to be created.

The 0.25 update is coming soon. Kerbal Space Program is available now on Steam Early Access.

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