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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire chooses Mega Audino

The latest Mega Evolution was revealed at Gamescom, with Audino becoming the Normal/Fairy-type Mega Audino.


The Pokemon Company came to Gamescom 2014 with another Mega Evolution to reveal for Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. The Normal-type Audino will now Mega Evolve into Mega Audino, turning it into a Normal/Fairy-type that should make Dragon-types take pause.

Mega Audino gets a big boost in defense and special defense, giving it a leg up in Double and Triple Battles. It will also aid its allies in those battle modes, since its Healer ability gives it a 30% chance to cure status conditions for adjacent Pokemon.

The full Mega Audino reveal can be seen below, completing the first half of the rumored Pokemon leaks from the past week. The other half of that rumor has yet to be officially revealed, so fans will have to wait a little longer before seeing the utterly terrifying sight of Mega Slowbro.

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