Hearthstone: Naxxramas - Chatty's best card combinations (Plague/Military Quarter)

Chatty offers some great Hearthstone combinations for the new Plague and Military Quarter cards offered by the Curse of Naxxramas expansion, headlined by LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOY JENKIIIIIIIIIIIIINS!


Hearthstone is now three weeks into its Curse of Naxxramas expansion, with Blizzard adding even more cards to its stacked deck of minions and spells. The Plague and Military Quarters are shaking up the way Hearthstone is played, adding some interesting new combinations to look out for.

With that in mind, Chatty has pointed to some new combos based on the new Naxxramas cards added in the last few weeks. Consider adopting these combinations and strategies to your own deck.

Turn 1: Sylvanas Windrunner + Taunt minion
Turn 2: Baron Rivendere (submitted by Psigun)

Sylvanas is a cruel piece of work, since she can randomly take control of an enemy minion upon death. Zoo decks will steer clear of her in an effort to keep their numbers advantage, but Baron Rivendere adds a new wrinkle to this matchup. Players can now sacrifice Sylvanas against a higher attack minion or against a strong Taunt character and use the double Deathrattle effect to take control of two minions. It's every zoo deck's greatest fear.

For maximum pain, use this strategy in a Shaman deck and sacrifice Sylvanas with the new Reincarnate card. It can single-handedly undo a zoo's numbers advantage in one fell swoop.

Nerubian Egg + Power Overwhelming + Void Terror + Voidcaller (submitted by Guybrushed)

It's about time we got some Warlock love from Naxxramas and Gul'dan's new cards give him some potent new tools. Chatty's Guybrushed found a keen combination with some of the Naxxramas cards, along with some old Warlock standbys.

Simply place the Nerubian Egg (2 mana) down and call down the new Voidcaller minion (4 mana), making sure to use Power Overwhelming (1 mana) on either minion to give them a +4/+4 boost. Then be sure to place Void Terror (3 mana) in-between the two to destroy them both. Void Terror will receive an extra 7 attack and 12 health, while the Egg's Deathrattle will summon a 4/4 Nerubian and the Voidcaller's Deathrattle will call forth a random Demon. It's an expensive 10 mana to pull off this gambit, but it's worthwhile for a dangerous trio of minions.

But that's not all Gul'dan has up his sleeve.

Voidcaller + Power Overwhelming + Shadowflame (from Guybrushed)

This is another painful combo that has the potential to clear off the entire board in one fell swoop. Voidcaller is formidable on his own with 3/4 stats, but Power Overwhelming will give it another +4/+4 boost with the trade-off being that it dies at the end of the turn.

So since it's going to die anyway, Guybrushed figured why not expedite the process? Shadowflame is a 4 mana spell that destroys a friendly minion and deals its attack damage to all opposing minions on the board. Manually wiping out the boosted Voidcaller will deal 7 damage to everyone, which is enough to take out most minions, while also having the added benefit of summoning a new friendly Demon at the same time. It's the fastest way to get the upper hand during a session that might be escaping your grasp.

One of the common complaints about the Naxxramas expansion is that it's made zoo decks too powerful. However, the Warlock now has a solid anti-zoo strategy all set to roll. Murlocs beware!

Duplicate + Leeroy Jenkins (from wtf242)

If there's one thing you can say about Curse of Naxxramas, it's that at least it's given a significant nerf to the terror known as Leeroy Jenkins.

Ha! Just kidding! No, seriously, Leeroy's actually more powerful than ever.

It's hard to fathom Leeroy being even stronger than he already is, but look no further than the Mage's new Duplicate secret for the proof. Simply lay down Leeroy and deploy the 3-mana Duplicate for a cheap total of 7 mana. Leeroy can either attack directly and wait to get taken off the board, or he can remove a quick Taunt minion. Either way, the Duplicate secret will activate and leave the mage with two more Leeroys available at any time.

It's a killer combination, yet somehow, it's still not the most powerful Leeroy combo to come from Naxxramas. That honor belongs to the Shaman.

Turn 1: Baron Rivendere
Turn 2: Leeroy Jenkins + Ancestral Spirit + Ancestral Spirit + Reincarnate (from king_darius)

No... this just isn't fair. Chatty's king_darius brought this video to my attention and it's just... well... just look at this!

You're probably wondering how this happened. Well, Baron Rivendere causes minions to trigger their Deathrattle effects twice, so assuming he's still on the board for the next turn, a player can then use his full 10 mana to summon Leeroy Jenkins (4 mana) and strike directly for 6 HP. Ancestral Spirit (2 mana each) will give Leeroy the Deathrattle effect of being resurrected upon death, so there's enough room to use two of these cards. That still leaves two mana left to use the new Reincarnate card, which destroys a minion and restores him to the field with full health.

So let's do the math. One Leeroy comes back at full health. However, he has two Deathrattle resurrection effects attached, so that brings back two more Leeroys. But since Baron Rivendere is on the field, the Deathrattles trigger twice. So add two more Leeroys for a grand total of five (count 'em, FIVE) Leeroys! And yes, they all still have Charge. That means you can hypothetically hit an opponent for an absolutely obscene 36 HP in a single turn. Even without Baron Rivendere, this combination can still hit for 24 HP, which is just sick.

If there's an early candidate for a balance nerf in the wake of Naxxramas, it's Leeroy. He has already become the bane of many players' existences, but this combination just takes the chicken.

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