Chatty Twitch Highlights 28: Firefall, WildStar, and Halfway

This week's highlights look into a pair of MMOs: Firefall and WildStar. And MrWolf710 shows us why we shouldn't be overlooking Halfway.


As summer winds down, our Chatty posters continue to show off their best playthroughs across Twitch. This week, it's a peek into some notable MMOs, as we check out digital_d and pixelat3d running through Firefall and WildStar, respectively. After that, it's time to look at an overlooked released, as MrWolf710 walks us through Halfway.

Here's a compilation of some of the best Shacknews Twitch highlights for the week of August 2, 2014.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.


It was a very long road to completion for Red 5 Studios' free-to-play action MMORPG, Firefall. After years of anticipation, the final version of the game is finally out, so it's time to see what the latest entry into the crowded MMO market has to offer. To do that, we check out digital_d's early playthrough, as he walks through some of the Engineer class's early quests. Those interested in checking out Firefall for themselves can find it on Steam.

Watch live video from DigitalD17 on Twitch


There's still a lot to explore in WildStar and we continue to peek into some of the worlds that Carbine Studios' MMORPG has to offer. pixelat3d walks us through the game's Skullcano dungeon, which requires a level 32 minimum for entry. Skullcano has a lot of fiery obstacles, with machinery set up inside an active volcano. It's a high degree of difficulty, which makes pixelat3d's attempt for a silver medal all the more valiant.

Watch live video from Pixelat3d on Twitch


Halfway is an interesting indie turn-based RPG (from developer Robotality and publisher Chucklefish) that hasn't gotten a lot of love from Shacknews or many other press outlets, in general. To help make up for this grievous negligence, Chatty's MrWolf710 is giving the game a playthrough and demonstrating some of its combat and exploration elements. The story surrounds a team of survivors trying to outlast a group of alien invaders that have boarded their vessel. Give the playthrough below a look and check out Halfway on Steam. We'll be back next week with a whole new round of highlights!

Watch live video from MrWolf710 on Twitch

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