The Sailor's Dream is a new mobile story from the creator of Year Walk and Device 6

Simogo aims to complete its trilogy of minimalist, atmospheric adventures with an ocean-based tale called The Sailor's Dream, coming later this year to iOS.


Developer Simogo has announced their latest atmospheric adventure. The studio behind Year Walk and Device 6 will now turn their attention to The Sailor's Dream, which is slated to release on iOS later this year.

"When we were making Device 6, we started talking about how it'd be fun to make games in suites of three," reads the announcement post on Simogo's website, "in which Kosmo Spin, Bumpy Road and Beat Sneak Bandit would be the first suite and Year Walk, Device 6 and whatever we would make next could also be considered as a unity of sorts. In some ways The Sailor's Dream is the culmination of ideas and concepts we've had over the past years and projects, and as such it is an exploration of how to tell a story in a new and unique way. It also shares some DNA with Year Walk and Device 6 when it comes to navigation and interactions, the concept of the players piecing together a bigger story from smaller pieces, and just as previous efforts it does include quite a lot of written text. But, as you know it's important for us to have an element of surprise and originality so that's where the similarities end."

Simogo is remaining purposely tight-lipped about the story, because they don't want to reveal any spoilers. The only information about the story is that it surrounds "three hearts united by the wonderful, but unmerciful ocean." The story will feature a non-linear narrative told through Simogo's recognizable use of text and sounds.

Take a first look at The Sailor's Dream in the trailer below.

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