Rehgar joins Heroes of the Storm

Rehgar Earthfury, the Orc Shaman of Warcraft, is the latest character to join Blizzard's MOBA.


A storm is brewing and his name is Rehgar Earthfury. The Orc Shaman from the Warcraft universe is the latest support character to join the growing roster for Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm and he brings with him his intense rage and ancient powers to rain down upon his foes.

Rehgar's abilities include Chain Heal, which bounces off allies to heal multiple friends at once; Lightning Shield, which shocks nearby enemies for a small area of effect hit; and Earthbind Totem, which tethers enemies near it to prevent them from escaping.

Rehgar's Heroic Abilities will likely affect those standing near him. Bloodlust will temporarily increase his attack and speed, as well as the attack and speed of nearby allies. Meanwhile, Ancestral Healing will greatly heal the health of a selected ally.

For more on Rehgar, be sure to check out his bio on the Heroes of the Storm website.

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