Chatty Twitch Highlights 26: The Destiny beta

A compilation of some of the best Shacknews Twitch highlights for the week of July 19, 2014.


It's a big summer weekend, with QuakeCon and the Dota 2 Internation unfolding over the next couple of days. As a bit of an interlude, let's bring you the latest round of Twitch highlights from Shacknews' Chatty community. And though there aren't many summer new releases, there's still plenty of new content to see, though this weekend, it's all about the Destiny beta.

So we dedicate this week to the latest from Bungie's upcoming shooter. JynnanTonnyx takes a look at the Destiny beta with a couple of friends, while Derringer and g0nk look at it from a solo perspective.

Here's a compilation of some of the best Shacknews Twitch highlights for the week of July 19, 2014.

Warning: Some clips may contain NSFW language.


The Destiny beta is underway and it's time to check out the latest state of Bungie's world before it releases in early September. We have a pair of videos that'll help give you an eye into what's happening. First up is JynnanTonnyx, who takes a pair of friends and jumps into the game's online co-op.

Watch live video from Gamentary on Twitch

After that, it's Derringer jumping into the world on a solo trip.

Watch live video from Derringer2k5 on Twitch

And finally, we take a peek at the world through the eyes of g0nk.

Watch live video from g0nk on Twitch

For more highlights and live streams, check out the full list of Shacknews Twitch channels.

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    July 19, 2014 12:00 PM

    Ozzie Mejia posted a new article, Chatty Twitch Highlights 26: The Destiny beta.

    A compilation of some of the best Shacknews Twitch highlights for the week of July 19, 2014.

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      July 19, 2014 3:16 PM

      I was solo for a bit, then I saw my boss from work hopped in so we ran together for a while. Fun stuff!

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      July 20, 2014 4:35 PM

      I'm not an MMO player, but I've had an absolute blast playing this. I love that I can roll around doing missions with my 2 buddies, and sometimes we can hop into big public events or areas where there are other players doing their thing.

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