Iron Galaxy talks Killer Instinct: Season 2, adds Maya to the cast

Killer Instinct: Season 2 getting Maya, new combos


Iron Galaxy hosted a Killer Instinct panel during Evo 2014 and have revealed the newest character for Killer Instinct: Season 2. It's the fierce warrior Maya, making her return from the Nintendo 64 KI sequel.

Maya's moves include dagger throws, with her weapons able to level up as the match progresses. If her daggers are powered-up all the way, they will home in on opponents and become unblockable. However, there's a risk-reward element to Maya's weapons, as missing with these weapons can make her weaker. Along with Maya came a new stage called CIty of Dawn, set in Maya's Incan homelands.

Iron Galaxy added that Season 2 will feature eight more characters, including some all-new ones. They'll also add a new ladder system, which will revamp the game's current multiplayer ranking system. New stage interactions, dubbed "Stage Ultras" are also being added to help give players new ways to finish their opponents. 

There were more topics beyond the new character discussed during the Evo panel. One of them was the 'Jail' system, which will be refined over the coming weeks. Iron Galaxy acknowledged that a fan poll stood in favor of the game's current system, so it will remain in place until the studio can find a solution to the disconnection issues surrounding it. Iron Galaxy's Dave Lang stated that 'Jail' stats would be reset soon, giving current jail-ees a second chance, and that new fixes will be implemented to better track rage quitters or serial cord-pullers. There is no timetable in place to deploy the revamped 'Jail' system.

Iron Galaxy also noted that they would be working with previous characters (Fulgore was specifically named) in order to help make them more accessible to newer players. They'll be looking to add to the combo system, too, revealing 'Air Counter Breakers' to give players at the wrong end of juggles a chance to break the neverending chain.

This is far from the end, of course. In fact, Microsoft's Ken Lobb said during the panel that he envisions Killer Instinct lasting a full generation, with new content (modes, characters, etc.) gradually being added over the course of many years.

A trailer is forthcoming and we will have it ready once it's made available.

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