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Dead Island: Epidemic gameplay video explains just what a ZOMBA is

So how does this "ZOMBA" thing work? Deep Silver is here to explain it to you with a new gameplay video for Dead Island: Epidemic.


Deep Silver has tried in the past to explain just what separates Dead Island: Epidemic from the other games in the rapidly-growing MOBA genre. But for those still scratching their heads over what exactly a "ZOMBA" even is, the publisher is helping out with a new gameplay video for their free-to-play PC romp.

The latest video shows off the series' recognizable zombie types, as well as players wielding a variety of weapons through a standard WASD control scheme. It also highlights the game's various cooperative game types, as well as its competitive mode that sees two teams of humans attempting to off each other, while also braving the zombie menace.

To get an overview of what Dead Island: Epidemic has to offer, watch the video below. Closed beta sign-ups are currently available through the Dead Island Episode homepage.

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