Disney Infinity 2.0 adds Marvel superheroes this fall, also coming to Xbox One & PS4

Disney Interactive confirmed that Marvel's library of superheroes would join the roster for Disney Infinity 2.0 this fall.

Disney Interactive revealed the next chapter for its figurine-powered franchise Disney Infinity by confirming that Marvel's library of superheroes would join Disney Infinity 2.0. The game is expected to launch this fall on all of its current consoles, as well as Xbox One and PS4. A new video debuted with Captain America's shield cutting across an entire field of Disney's most recognizable characters. Marvel's finest (including Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and Spider-Man) were then shown playing around custom-built areas, before being confronted by some of their most recognizable villains. Marvel's Joe Quesada and Brian Michael Bendis then took the stage and revealed that more stories featuring Marvel's heroes would hit Disney Infinity throughout the game's lifespan. They then revealed the Marvel figures, which would feature Iron Man, Hawkeye, Captain America, Black Widow, Thor, and Hulk. The Starter Set will feature Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, the base, and two discs. At least a dozen more heroes are slated to come down the road, with Samuel L. Jackson (as Nick Fury) teasing an E3 announcement. The play sets will feature larger worlds, with Marvel's Manhattan shown to be roughly four times the size of The Incredibles' Metroville. The heroes themselves will all come with their unique powers, like Iron Man's flight, Hulk's mighty leaps, and Black Widow's proficient melee abilities. Each of the Marvel characters will also feature unique attributes, an upgradable skill tree, and a level cap of 20.

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Disney Infinity has been a massive success for Disney Interactive, with the publisher citing over 3 million Starter Sets sold and over $500 million in global retail sales. The game's digital platform has also been highly active, with over 10 million custom Toy Box sets downloaded. Disney is hoping for more custom creations, so they're aiming to make 2.0's Toy Boy mode more user-friendly with a refined interface that includes a 'brush' feature and NPC 'builders' that will construct creations on a player's behalf. Among the new worlds on display were Asgard, which featured a tower defense mode, and a galactic base level that featured dungeon-crawling gameplay. All of the Toy Box modes will feature four-player multiplayer, just as with other Disney Infinity Toy Boxes. But those that fear having to make a whole new investment can rest easy. All Disney Infinity 1.0 pieces (figures, discs, base sets, etc.) will be compatible with the upcoming 2.0 release.
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