Wolfenstein: The New Order trailer displays stealth and brute force

Wolfenstein: The New Order lets you dispatch Nazis with tactical stealth or less-than-subtle brute force, as evidenced in the latest gameplay trailer.


Wolfenstein: The New Order isn't short on Nazis, offering a veritable buffet of Hitler's Reich to plow through. Of course, how you decide to dispose of the Axis soldiers is entirely up to you, if the latest trailer is any indication. The newest trailer shows two distinctly different ways to proceed through the upcoming shooter: tactically or with guns blazing.

The tactical path shows a more strategic element to Wolfenstein. BJ Blazkowicz is seen performing silent takedowns on guards, using proficient silenced weaponry, and traversing across zip lines in order to take down the area's Commander without being seen.

That's all well and good, but maybe you're the type of player that would rather forego those formalities entirely and simply introduce the Nazis to your heavy weaponry. That's on the table, too, as Blazkowicz is later seen dual-wielding machine guns, tossing grenades, and performing daring slides before exterminating the enemy with extreme prejudice.

Take a look at the distinctive play styles in the trailer below. For more on Wolfenstein, check out one of Bethesda's 30-minute playthroughs from last week.

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