Next Ace Attorney game set in turn-of-the-century Japan

The next Ace Attorney game is set in an entirely new time period, and stars Phoenix Wright's turn-of-the-century ancestor.


The next Ace Attorney game looks to be an even more radical departure than Apollo Justice. According to new details from a Japanese publication, not only will the sixth Ace Attorney star a whole new protagonist, it will also take place in an entirely different century.

According to the most recent issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Polygon), the next game is set in Japan's Meiji era, which lasted between 1868 and 1912. That period was defined by radical social change as Japan modernized. The game will star Phoenix Wright's ancestor, Naruhodou Ryuunosuke, a sword-wielding advocate of justice. The game's title translates to "Grand Turnabout Trial," a departure from the usual "Ace Attorney" moniker.

Series creator Shu Takumi is at work on this one, having taken a break from the series during the development of Dual Destinies to instead work on the crossover Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney.

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