Shelter 2 bringing adorable lynx cubs to PC this fall

Might and Delight has announced it is working on Shelter 2, a follow-up to its survival adventure game. It stars a lynx caring for her newborn cubs, and will be available this fall.


Indie studio Might and Delight has announced it is working on a follow-up to its adventure game Shelter. Rather than a mother badger, Shelter 2 will put you in the paws of a mother lynx protecting her cubs. It's set to launch this fall.

The mother will begin as pregnant and preparing her den, within a large open world. It's adding a stamina bar, new movement types and jumps, and a wider variety of prey. The momma-lynx will also have to make sure her cubs drink water from the river to stay hydrated. Music is again being handled by Retro Family

"The essence of Shelter as a concept is keeping your family alive. But we have decided to let the animal itself set the pace and character of the gameplay," said CEO Anders Westin, in the announcement. "The badger translated into a slow and linear journey--with the lynx however, Shelter 2 will become a much more forceful experience, where improving your techniques for hunting prey takes a much bigger role. We are basing the game features on the lynx's life and behavior. They are in middle of the food chain, and there are far more vicious things out on the cold tundra."

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